UX London presented by Clearleft

13th15th April 2011 Cumberland Hotel, London

Design Patterns for Fantabulous Collaborations

Kate Rutter

Sketchboards and gamestorms and design studios, oh my!
UX folks have an amazing set of tools and techniques, and more tools and approaches are invented every day. And as UX as a practice evolves, designers are becoming facilitators of design work in organizations, not the sole creators of the outputs. This sets the stage for inventive approaches to fantabulous collaborations that can elicit ideas, foster broader participation, and increase shared ownership and buy-in.

But how do you pull together a set of coherent activities to inspire a group to work collectively? By approaching the problem with a set of design patterns for collaborative sessions. Pulling from the creative practice at Adaptive Path as well as from a body of research on creative cultures and participatory design techniques, Kate will cover design patterns for choreographing group work, including identifying objectives, setting directions, curating collaborative activities and capturing meaningful outputs.

In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn methods and build skills to:

  • Set the stage: the who/what/when/where/whys that frame effective participation
  • Prep with purpose: 3 key elements you need to define when planning
  • Get the goods: a framework for finding and selecting the right activities
  • Plan for improvisation: identifying how much to prepare in advance…and when and where to adapt on the fly
  • Learn in public: tips for making it up as you go along…without losing confidence or focus
  • Follow-through: the art of capturing outputs and connecting the experience with what comes next

About The Speaker

Kate Rutter

Kate Rutter is an Experience Designer at Adaptive Path. During her 15+ years in the web industry, she’s worked with corporations, startups, and nonprofit organizations to help them grow, change and successfully chart new paths in ambiguous times and shifting markets. Clients include Greenpeace, Travel + Leisure, Citysearch, Dice.com, Globo Networks, and Nokia.

Kate attended Wellesley College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in studio art. She finds inspiration in a wide variety of subjects: Semiotics, textile arts, slime mold, origami, code, urban design, fire, and other dangerous things. She is an active community leader as well as a formidable welder.

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