UX London presented by Clearleft

13th15th April 2011 Cumberland Hotel, London

It’s All Us

Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper will share his recent insights gleaned from working at the intersection of design and agile. Interaction designers have become really good at making users happy. Agile programmers have become equally good at creating quality software in a collaborative, iterative way. We now face the significant task of figuring out how to effectively integrate these two post-industrial crafts. The secret is forming an effective cross-disciplinary team, but how can you make sure that everyone on the team will do their part? How can you guarantee that a self-directed team won’t simply be misdirected or directionless? Cooper will help you find the answers to these and other tough questions.

About The Speaker

Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper is a pioneer of the modern computing era. He is credited with creating what many regard as the first serious business software for microcomputers, and his groundbreaking work in software invention and design has influenced a generation of programmers, designers, and business people and helped a generation of users.

For the last 15 years, Alan’s interaction design consultancy, Cooper, has helped companies invent powerful, usable, desirable digital products via his unique methodology, Goal-Directed Design. A cornerstone of this method, Personas has been broadly adopted across the industry. Alan is the author of two industry best-selling books, About Face and The Inmates Are Running the Asylum and is widely known as the “Father of Visual Basic”.

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