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13th15th April 2011 Cumberland Hotel, London

Strategy Patois: Language and Tools to Connect Design and Business Value

Kate Rutter

User Experience. User Engagement. Human Centred Design. Design Thinking. Business Innovation. Business Value. Shareholder Value. Bottom-line Impact. Cost Leadership. Market Segmentation, Cost-benefit Analysis. Total Quality Management. Critical Path Analysis. Return on Investment. Market Domination.

Okay, be honest. At some point above, your eyes glazed over and a bit of your soul died. And you’re not alone. The language of design and the language of business don’t often connect, yet each has their own important role in the success of the organisation. As designers, we focus on designing with empathy for users…yet often don’t give credence or empathy to our colleagues on the business side.

How can we better ensure alignment with the overall goals of the enterprise? By learning the language of strategy and integrating strategic decision-making tools and frameworks into the design process. The great news? These tools also help streamline the design process, focus team decision-making and ensure that the most important priorities and opportunities get the time and effort they deserve so that delivered designs align with and forward the overall strategy.

You’ll hear stories from the field for how designers focus beyond design deliverables, think through the strategic needs of the project, and focus their efforts on delivering not only great design, but a framework for success that engages business stakeholder support.

About The Speaker

Kate Rutter

Kate Rutter is an Experience Designer at Adaptive Path. During her 15+ years in the web industry, she’s worked with corporations, startups, and nonprofit organisations to help them grow, change and successfully chart new paths in ambiguous times and shifting markets. Clients include Greenpeace, Travel + Leisure, Citysearch, Dice.com, Globo Networks, and Nokia.

Kate attended Wellesley College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in studio art. She finds inspiration in a wide variety of subjects: Semiotics, textile arts, slime mould, origami, code, urban design, fire, and other dangerous things. She is an active community leader as well as a formidable welder.

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