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13th15th April 2011 Cumberland Hotel, London

The Art of Graphic facilitation (a.k.a. “How to Run A Workshop with Pictures”)

Sunni Brown

Since the vast majority of us have to either plan or attend meetings, why not become a Jedi at running them? The techniques of graphic facilitation, visual thinking and “gamestorming” are one of the best ways for you to assure that your workshop not only doesn’t suck, but that you make the best use of everyone’s time and dramatically shorten the length of time in which you do it. The value of visual thinking and participatory design with a group is enormous and the benefits include:

  • Establishing a shared language and vision to increase understanding.
  • Engaging stakeholders in improvisational discovery.
  • Mapping the big picture and solving problems as a team.
  • Creating visual meeting artefacts to drive decisions forward.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or an artist of any caliber to learn how to run better meetings. In this session, you will learn the fundamentals of visual language, how to simplify complex information by mapping the big picture and how to use improvisation and games to solve real problems. At the end of this session you’ll feel much more confident about using graphic facilitation techniques in any meeting or workshop. So let the games begin!

About The Speaker

Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown is a business owner, information designer, and co-author of one of Amazon’s Top 100 Business Books titled GameStorming: A Playbook for Rule-breakers, Innovators and Changemakers. She’s best known for her large-scale graphic recordings and live content visualisations at all kinds of meetings and events, and she is also the leader of The Doodle Revolution – a growing effort to debunk the myth that doodling is a distraction. Her consultancy, BrightSpot I.D., specialises in visual thinking and its broad applications, and she co-Founder of VizThink Austin, currently the largest visual thinking community in the United States. Sunni presents regularly on the topics of graphic facilitation, graphic recording and visual thinking and the brain, and is one really funny lady.

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